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What Does Synthetic Cosmetics Contain?

Posted by on 7:28 am in Skin Care | Comments Off on What Does Synthetic Cosmetics Contain?

There are myriads of different cosmetic products on the market, all with differing blends of ingredients. In U.S alone, there are nearly 12,500 unique synthetic ingredients approved for use in the manufacturing of Skin Care Products. A typical product can contain 15–50 substances. Considering the fact, that average female uses between 9 and 15 Skin Care Products per day, Experts remark, when combined with the addition of fragrances, women apply almost 515 different chemicals on their skin every day through the use of synthetic cosmetics. Ever...

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The Advantages of Detox Therapy For Your Body

Posted by on 6:07 am in Health and Lifestyle | Comments Off on The Advantages of Detox Therapy For Your Body

The Advantages of Detox Therapy For Your Body

In today’s life where people tend to go against their own health, many outlets have closed in to address people to have a healthy lifestyle and a steady health cycle in order to obtain a peaceful life. AyurWoman Melbourne is one of it. Not only does this base help you in obtaining a healthy life but also keep one intact to his/her health. One should know the exact working of the detox therapy which comes under the ayurvedic scheme, so that he/she gets to know about it more and end up helping themselves at the very moment. Panchakarma is...

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Relaxation Music, Meditation Music

Posted by on 9:31 am in Video | Comments Off on Relaxation Music, Meditation Music

Our day-to-day working style has been putting us into trouble quite often. These are the health related troubles which most of us don’t even can avoid. To keep such troubles away there is something which would really help you maintain a balance between body, soul and mind. It’s the music and a kind of massage to your brain that would surely bring a glow to your face and mind. This is the music interpreted into meditation which you can even include when you are taking a spa. Music is the real medicine for everyone, whether in a busy life or...

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Healthy Skin Tips

Posted by on 10:27 am in Video | Comments Off on Healthy Skin Tips

Skin care is important I you want to maintain the youthfulness and vitality of your skin. With ageing, its signs like wrinkles and loss in skin radiance tend to become more pronounced. You can revitalize your skin by following some skin care tips posted on skinfinity-spa. The blog has numerous posts that will help you maintain the glow of your skin. Watch the video to get some useful tips for caring for your dry, flaky skin during winters. The video strongly recommends keeping the skin hydrated using serums during winters. It also suggests...

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10-Minute No-Equipment Home Workout

Posted by on 11:03 am in Video | Comments Off on 10-Minute No-Equipment Home Workout

Exercise is very important to keep bodies fit. However, many people have this misconception that they cannot workout without visiting a gym. There are a number of exercises which do not require equipment. All exercises are purely based on body weight, and can be carried out anywhere. As the video explains, it is nice to start out with a warm-up and then proceed to the main exercise. Such exercises can be done anywhere, and do not require expert supervision if you look at this video carefully. Some other exercises have been demonstrated to...

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Beautiful Skin Remedy

Posted by on 10:08 am in Video | Comments Off on Beautiful Skin Remedy

Skin remedies are the ones that can take care of flaws in the skin. Different people prescribe different remedies for the skin, and what works for one may not do so for another. For example, the requirements of oily skin are different from those of dry skin. Accordingly, the remedies have to be chosen. In this video, oatmeal has been described as an excellent cleanser. It can take care of itchiness, dryness and minor irritations as well. Yogurt is also another great remedy. The model in this video had a major skin allergy, but made the skin...

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Foods for Great Skin

Posted by on 9:54 am in Video | Comments Off on Foods for Great Skin

“I really regret eating healthy today,” said no one ever. With proper food and workout habits, not only do your mind and body function properly, but won’t your skin thank you! At, you can find expert write-ups that help you maintain your glowing skin and hair and stay in shape, without any fuss involved. We publish survey reviews of the latest products along with the latest news from the health and beauty industry, while also informing you about various foods, exercises and home-remedies, such that you can effortlessly get...

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How to get big Curly Hair

Posted by on 7:04 am in Video | Comments Off on How to get big Curly Hair

Achieving hair curls is usually possible by using heat. However, there are some methods to get hair curls even without hair care products or heat. It ensures that hair receives a natural curl. These curls help the hair look beautiful for a girl. The video will show you how the hair curs can be done to create a beautiful look. The lady in the video makes use of L’Oreal out-of-bed texturiser which has creamy consistency. It gives the hair hold after being twisted and will make sure texture is soft. Bobby pins are used to hold the hair in...

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Essentials For Ultimate Skin Health & Beauty

Posted by on 6:47 am in Video | Comments Off on Essentials For Ultimate Skin Health & Beauty

A balanced diet and exercise are a sure-fire way to having a healthy life and your skin is the first thing that gets affected by this. If you lead a life full of junk food and inactiveness, it is bound to show effects on your skin as “you are what you eat”. Every one desires for a glowing healthy skin and it’s not that hard too. All one needs to do is take care of a few essentials to kick start their journey to a beautiful skin. The first step towards having a good skin is to detoxify it by drinking lots of water and fruit juices. This...

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How to get a Glowing Skin

Posted by on 7:09 am in Video | Comments Off on How to get a Glowing Skin

It is important to have a glowing skin so that it can keep the body healthy, while also being able to boost self confidence. Those with bad skin often live with a fear of being rejected. Some standard tips can be followed to ensure that the above certainly does not happen to you. Many of these tips can be found by browsing through this video by the Sanctuary of Style. For acne, the use of a branded acne cleanser is advised. This cleanser does not strip the skin of its cells. The use of natural products made of vitamin C is encouraged by the...

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